Have you ever felt as though you were fighting a force which you could not understand?

The Bible gives many accounts of people benefiting from blessings or suffering from curses. In fact, entire nations were affected by the positive or negative words of angels, prophets, or kings.

Just as blessings assured peace or prosperity, so have curses inflicted physical suffering or financial disaster. But what about today? In this teaching, we cover the biblical foundation of this topic!

No matter what your ailment is—financial, familial, physical—you may be unknowingly living under a curse. Here is how to determine if you're under a curse and, if so, how to break it.

In this teaching we discover:

  • What a blessing is - knowing that God is for you in every area of life
  • What a curse is - you can simply know when a curse is bothering you
  • The power of God that releases blessing - Seeing the joy of your life and family being at peace and happy