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Here's What You'll Learn How can you grow in your dream life? It’s not about having a dream. It’s not about writing down dreams. It’s not even about knowing the right information. The real secret...

Here's What You'll Learn

How can you grow in your dream life?

  • It’s not about having a dream.
  • It’s not about writing down dreams.
  • It’s not even about knowing the right information.

The real secret to dreams is knowing how to connect with Lord, compelling you to interpet dreams based on time, place and destiny insight.

I have known Brian Fenimore and his family for over ten years. They exemplify a spill-over, inside-out lifestyle, whereby their personal life outshine their powerful ministry life. Brian is a dynamic teacher who translates spiritual truths into practical next steps. Many speakers are riveting, but Brian’s teachings are transformational. Many Christians have discovered their identity, destiny, and God-given calling through Plumbline Ministries.”

Mary Ho Executive Director – All Nations, Kansas City,MO.


I am so confident you will be satisfied with my ebooks, I offer the following guarantee:

If you don’t find these ebooks helpful and worth every penny you pay, just send me a quick email, and I will quickly and courteously refund your money. No questions asked.

What could be fairer than that?

So far, I have sold hundreds of this bundle. Yet I have only had a handful of refund requests. Nonetheless, the offer still stands. Why? Because I don’t want you to miss this opportunity to secure a life-changing impact of becoming a dreamer of God given dreams.

Why These Bundle is Unique

Yes, there are other books and courses on dreams. Mine aren’t the only ones. But I do believe mine are unique for three reasons:

  1. I am a dreamer. I know what it’s like have dreams from the Lord and not know what to do with them..
  2. I am a trainer. I have trained hundreds of people in the area of dreams. I know what it takes to get answer from my dreams that the Lord gives.
  3. I am a teacher. I know what it’s like to have people ask me to help intrept their dreams. I also know why people find this hard to do and give them simple step to walk with the Lord.

When it comes to dreams, you need someone with experience to guide you—not ivory tower advice or theory. You need a slam-dunk, sure-fire way to get your dreams understood.

“It has been a joy and honor to know Brian Fenimore and his family for well over 20 years. His equipping capacity is marvelous and his gifting in a word of knowledge unto healing and the prophetic are detailed and refreshing. Brian is a wonderful communicator of the Gospel of the Kingdom. I commend to you the life and ministry of my dear friend of years.”


James W. Goll
Encounters Network • Prayer Storm • GET eSchool
Notes Author and Voice to the Nations
James W. Goll, Nashville,TN

What Is Your Time Worth?

Some friends suggested I should charge $80–100 for these ebooks and audio—not based on the page count, but on the specialized information they contain and the RESULTS THEY HAVE PRODUCED for so many people lives. “This is a minuscule investment,” they argued, ”compared to the results these ebooks and audio produce.”

However, I decided to offer these e-books and audio for just $25.00. I may raise the price later, but for right now, I would rather make these ebooks and auidio available to as many people as possible at an affordable price.

Make Your Dream Life Powerful

So what are you waiting for? The dream of getting a book contract is within reach. Just click on the buy button below and let’s get started! Remember: each book comes with my money-back guarantee.

What You Get

1.  Study Notes on Dreams - Please note: these e-books are available only as a PDF download. I do not offer physical, printed copies. Nor do I offer these in Kindle or ePub format.

2.  3 hours of audio teaching of dreams - 

a. first audio teaching is on The biblical foundation for dreams.

b. the next audio teaching is how to understand interpreting dreams.

c. Final teaching is on the pitfalls of interpretation and how to overcome them. And understand what the the theme the Lord is speaking on to you or to the people in your dreams.